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EMOH™ is an all-natural, chemical-free, modular system for enhancing water efficiency and introducing dissolved oxygen. Its back-to-nature approach targets polymeric water “clusters,” breaking them down into considerably smaller sizes thereby increasing absorption and maximizing the allotted cell waterways (aquaporin) of any given crop. Additionally, EMOH™ introduces a high volume of atmospheric oxygen. Free oxygen and trace amounts of hydrogen peroxide are welcome biproducts of the EMOH™ process.

EMOH™ Stages

The Path to Better Water


28 %



15 %



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This is data taken from various projects with Aequion’s university partners and clients. 

Stage 01

Water passes through the first of two EMOH™ Core chambers. It is here that nanobubbles form and H20 clusters are broken down into smaller, more viable sizes for biological penetration. 

Stage 01
Stage 02

Treated water continues through a specialized critical oriface venturi, introducing a high volume of atmospheric oxygen that infuses with readily-available nanobubbles.

Stage 02
Stage 03

Water reaches the second EMOH™ Core and final stage of the system. Extended core exposure brings monomer H20 molecules and oxygen-infused nanobubbles to a lasting equilibrium.

Stage 03


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EMOH™ systems are easy to integrate, require little energy and minimal maintenance. Best of all, Aequion provides every customer with the added certainty and piece of mind of a 2-year warranty on all Aequion-manufactured equipment.

Customers typically see a return on their investment in as little as one year, turning a profit long before their warranty is up.

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Suitable for all applications


304 Stainless Steel


198 lbs


48” X 11” X 38”


2-Year Limited Warranty


Frequently Asked Questions

The short answer is: anywhere that has a water-related issue, plant and/or animal that could benefit from considerable improvements to water conditions. So far, EMOH™ systems have delivered up to a 20% increase in crop yields and a 48% reduction in water usage. EMOH™ has eliminated the production of methane and even played an integral role in Aequion’s denitrification process. 

Not at all! EMOH™ is also a remedial and compliance-driven tool supporting consumers, businesses and municipalities with a water quality and/or greenhouse gas concern in addition to local and state regulatory agencies such as the California State Water Resources Control Board and the California Air Resources Board. 

In many cases, EMOH™ units can be installed seamlessly into the existing irrigation or water system without any additional power needed.

In more complex situations, Aequion will inspect, design and engineer a suitable, unintrusive means of installation.

Certainly not. EMOH™ systems use no chemical additives and are designed to shut on and off (with a bypass) at the the client’s discretion

EMOH™ units do not require any supplementary power to operate. However, when additional equipment is necessary, Aequion ensures quality and efficiency that satisfy the company’s commitment low resource-costs. 

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