EMOH™ Highlights in Agriculture

The Power of EMOH™ Technology

  • Increases Overall Crop Yields 
  • Improves Soil Penetration, Capillary Function and Moisture Retention
  • Boosts Plant Vigor and Disease Resistance 
  • Increases the Flow of Nutrients
  • Raises Dissolved Oxygen Levels
  • Removes Soil Impurities
  • Reduces Mineral Scaling and Corrosion
  • Minimizes Water Losses From Evaporation
  • Decreases Equipment and Maintenance Costs
  • Enhances Spray Irrigation and Fertigation

Increasing Crop Yields

EMOH™ technology treats clustered water molecules by breaking them down to a significantly smaller, even molecular level. This decreases the total surface tension of treated water while increasing soil and plant membrane permeability. In fact, EMOH™ systems have been proven to boost infiltration by as much as ± 45% after just one pass. The technology effectively improves soil capillary function and moisture retention; crops are then able to withstand up to 20% more days without irrigation.

The secondary function of EMOH™ involves the introduction of oxygen-nanobubbles which are then brought into equilibrium with the optimized water molecules. This ensures lasting dissolved oxygen levels and improved plant health.

Finally, EMOH™ increases nutrient solubility and the overall flow of nutrients.

Combining EMOH™ systems with foliar irrigation and fertigation programs has shown just as many benefits.

Improving Plant Vigor and Disease Resistance

Adding to the benefits listed above, EMOH™ technology brings down total dissolved solids, desalinates and removes contaminant matter from source water once treated. EMOH™ treatments even attack algaes, biofilm and iron bacteria.

EMOH™ also expands root zones and increases fine root growth. The systems boost seed germination and shorten the timeline on seed emergence.

Crops experience less heat stress given the introduction of EMOH™ treated water.

Reducing Costs

By reducing the number of days necessary for irrigation as well as the amount of water used on those days, EMOH™ drastically reduces water costs.

EMOH’s improvement of nutrient intake in addition to the intake of any other additive, decreases total inputs.

A combination of and trace amounts of hydrogen peroxide (~1-2%) produced by EMOH™ systems reduces mineral scaling and corrosion. Therefore, both maintenance and equipment costs decrease substantially.

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