Cannabis & Hemp

EMOH™ Highlights in Cannabis and Hemp

The Power of EMOH™ Technology

  • Maximizes Water Efficiency
  • Boosts Dissolved Oxygen
  • Increases ROI
  • Saves Time and Money
  • Minimizes Ecological Footprint
  • Easy to Adopt

Maximum Water Permeation

EMOH™ systems maximize water permeation (or in this case the absorption ratio of irrigation water) which considerably increases the efficacy of plants’ photosynthetic activity. These changes stimulate crop responsiveness from seedling to harvest thus boosting:

  • moisture retention
  • the flow of nutrients
  • light absorption
  • seed germination
  • time to seed emergence
  • fine root growth
  • bloom cycle
  • canopy density
  • turnover of clones
  • resilience to pests, diseases and heat stress

By encouraging leaves’ stomata activity, EMOH™ improves the efficacy of foliar irrigation and fertigation. EMOH™ customers have even reported a significant decrease in their need for supplemental nitrogen.

Proprietary Oxygen Injection

Due to EMOH’s unique injection method, dissolved oxygen does not immediately bubble off – it carries a longer lifespan. This means more consistency. EMOH™ systems are capable of supporting liquid oxygen applications and oxygen generators as well as replacing them in some scenarios.

Decreased Cost of Production

By improving water absorption, photosynthesis, the intake of nutrients in addition to incorporating a powerful dissolved oxygen injection system, EMOH™ technology decreases the resources necessary to produce an equal or improved crop. Less money is exhausted on water, electricity, nutrients, oxygen and nitrogen inputs and man power. 

Better Crop Quality, Yields and Higher Returns

The EMOH™ difference is a better quality and quantity of crop – this includes shorter growth cycles, increased trichome development, a richer cannabinoid profile and a larger turnover of seedlings, clones and flower. These benefits contribute to greater returns and time saved.

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